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Nuqi Rejuvenate is a powerful antioxidant supplement enriched with 10 essential berries, including Goji, Noni, Acai fruit, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mangosteen, and Grape mash. These berries are packed with antioxidants that help detoxify the body and neutralize harmful free radicals, resulting in healthy skin, hair, and boosted immunity. Try Nuqi Rejuvenate today and experience the benefits of these 10 super berries!

Benefits of Nuqi Rejuvenate:

  1. Provides essential vitamins and nutrients to the body
  2. Boosts the immune system
  3. Helps neutralize harmful free radicals with its antioxidant-rich formula
  4. Promotes healthy skin and hair
  5. Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging
  6. Supports healthy digestion and mental health with its powerful blend of 10 berries
  7. Made with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients that are free from harmful preservatives
  8. Suitable for vegetarians and Halal certified
  9. GMP verified and made in the USA for superior quality and safety
  10. Can help you feel more energized and refreshed.

DOSAGE: Take 2 capsules daily to enhance your skin rejuvenation, glow, and elasticity.

CAUTION: Do not surpass the recommended dose of our Dubai antioxidant supplements. Make sure to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, recently had a baby, lactating, or have a medical condition.


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Dubai Antioxidant Supplements

Oxidative damage in the body can be harmful in many ways, and free radicals are the main culprits causing this damage. They can cause irreversible aging, several types of cancer, and multiple ailments if not neutralized by antioxidants. Free radicals damage hair follicles and result in hair loss. They can also cause hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne on the skin. Fortunately, the advanced formula of our antioxidant supplements in Dubai offers a wide variety of multivitamins which help the human body in maintaining healthy skin, hair, and also boosts the immune system.

Nuqi Rejuvenate is an amazing antioxidant supplement that comprises the most effective berries like Goji, Noni, Acai fruit, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mangosteen, and Grape mash. All of these fruits are enriched with antioxidants which help in detoxification.

Nuqi Rejuvenate antioxidant supplement makes you feel full of energy and extremely fresh. Since Nuqi rejuvenate is a strong antioxidant, it helps in reducing wrinkles, battles against aging, and provides you with younger, healthier, and tighter skin.

Why Nuqi Rejuvenate Is One of the Leading Antioxidant Supplements in Dubai


Nuqi Rejuvenate complex is an innovative product that provides vital nutrients to the body. These nutrients not only neutralize harmful free radicals but also boost overall immunity. The richness of unique antioxidants can bring glow to your skin from inside out.


Nuqi is enriched with crucial vitamins that are an essential part of our body. They help in improving the body’s immune system. Not only this, vitamins provide support in making our teeth and bones strong. Moreover, they strengthen the body’s soft tissues and white blood cells.


Our supplement is a strong combination of berries that are full of antioxidants and help our digestive tract to function properly, benefit mental health, and keep our body healthy. The berries include Acai, Noni, Mangosteen, Goji, Resveratrol, and Pomegranate.


This product undergoes strict manufacturing processes and quality control tests. Our revolutionary formula of Nuqi Rejuvenate is free of any kind of preservatives and ingredients that may harm you. It is Halal and also best suited for vegetarian diet lovers. This product is GMP verified and made in the USA. Buy online antioxidant supplements Dubai today by placing your order through Nuqi Products.

Additional information

Weight .003 kg
Acai Fruit 4:1 Extract

(Euterpe oleracea) (fruit), 300 mg

Goji Berry 40% Extract

(Lycium barbarum) (fruit), 300 mg

Noni 4:1 extract (fruit)

300 mg

Mangosteen Fruit

250 mg

Pomegranate Fruit (40% extract)

250 mg


(from Polygonum cuspidatum extract) (root), 20 m

Proprietary Blend

Consisting of: Raspberry Fruit Powder, Black Cherry Fruit Powder, Blueberry Fruit Powder, Elderberry 5% Extract (Sambucus nigra), and Grape Skin 30% Extract (skin and pulp)., 20 mg

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    Great products! Love the results specially in my skin

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