Busting Myths About Dietary Supplements

by in Uncategorized August 27, 2020

Many dietary supplements are easily available over the counter and some also don’t require a prescription from a doctor for you to be able to buy them. Thus, it makes people think that dietary supplements are “fake” and most companies that sell them just want to take your money. But that is definitely not the case at all. 


Any type of medicine put out in the market that is meant to be consumed by the general public undergo some type of testing and quality control. You CANNOT sell something without it being tested by the FDA. It’s just that certain drugs undergo a more rigorous testing process as they are meant to be cures for certain illnesses. Supplements on the other hand, does not necessarily cure illnesses, is categorized under food category, and not drugs, as they are “intended to supplement a diet”

While testing is not as rigorous in supplements compared to other drugs, local governments have made sure that these types of medicine still follow a strict regulatory structure to keep the consumers informed of the product that they are buying and ultimately will consume.

Here are some important regulations that supplements must have.

  1. A clear labeling of dietary supplements.
  2. Good manufacturing practices of the company.
  3. Premarket notification for the new dietary ingredients.
  4. Regular manufacturing facility/laboratory inspection
  5. Registration of product with the local government agency. 


There are actually very few adverse events as reported by government and industry data that pertain to supplements as unsafe. In fact, as most adults consume dietary supplements to support their health and well-being, dietary supplements are actually one of the safe product categories on the market. 

So when exactly does it become unsafe? The most dangerous reason is when manufacturers lie about the ingredients they used. Instead of using quality ingredients, they use subpar materials to lessen the cost of manufacturing while still being able to sell the product at a high price. This is the most dangerous because it’s very easy to market products and if you don’t do enough research, it is likely that you will fall victim to these subpar supplements. It’s important that you buy supplements from manufacturers that you can trust. 

Out of the thousands of dietary supplements available in the market, it’s really hard to know which one you can trust. Our tip is always do your research before buying anything and if there is one available, have a deep and thorough conversation with an agent trying to sell you the product so that you can gather more information on the item.

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